In an effort to give you the best experience and operate conscientiously we have to employ a cancellation policy. Because we are out on a little island it’s important to know in advance how many guests are staying with us. We have to invest and prepare for food, deliveries and staff for our guests, to make sure we have everything you need for a lovely stay! . Guests often plan ahead to come stay with us, this also means we can’t fill our empty rooms as easily with short notice.  Please let us know, we will try to work with you to exchange for another time or perhaps you can give your booking to a friend!

  • Hotel Bookings- No penalty up to a month prior, within 30 days we will charge a 20% fee, no cancellations within 7 days.

  • Special events, holidays- Please cancel a minimum of 14 days prior to the event or workshop

  • Group/retreat bookings- Require 30 days advance notice please contact us to discuss.

Thank you so much for booking with us and we look forward to having you!

Sage + Jannika