welcome to svala


There exists a place in the world where wild rural beauty combines with sophisticated modern aesthetics, where you’re equally likely to find a mother-daughter duo laughing in a sun-drenched kitchen cooking up gooseberries as the Velvet Underground hums as you are to stumble across an ancient church during your idyllic amble through moss-carpeted boulders, red cliffs rolling into the sea or languid fields budding with wildflowers.

This place is the one-of-a-kind Hotel Svala. It all started with the shared dream of Jannika and Sage Reed. These nomadic, artistic souls have called this four million year old island archipelago home at various points in their lifelong adventures. Then one day they happened upon an incredible structure - a handsome, sturdy hospital-turned-hotel that was up for sale. Through their visionary work, and the helping hands of their global network of creative friends, they are transforming the space into a restorative escape to welcome you to share this truly special corner of the world.

With a commitment to all things beautiful, sustainable and local, you’ll be greeted by gorgeously imagined rooms designed by Sage - the discerning eye of a Stylist and Art Director, and get to experience cultural excursions, holistic gardens and unforgettable food planned by Finnish-born Jannika. While all senses are engaged the hope is to simply fall into the still retreat of the islands.



collaborators + friends

While we were building the hotel, we were lucky to have many amazing people come and volunteer their skills and time to build the hotel. We are the sum of an incredible community and couldn't have done it without their optimism and hard work. Hope that we will continue to grow this family of friends.  

Jeremiah Chiu Designer/Musician:Some all none

Marta Sofia  Violinist

Adi Goodrich Set Design: Sing Sing Studio

Sean Pecknold Director: Sing Sing Studio

Andrew Bruntel Director

Sage Price Producer: Vacation Theory

Anabella Casanova Producer: Vacation Theory

Lotta Jansdottar Designer

Kaye Voyce Costume Designer

Erica Ciaglia Cutter fitter

Natalie Nguyen Activist/Artist

Chris Mantz Engineer/Designer/CEO Drift

Janet Ecklebarger & Eliot Irwin Artists

Kevin Ripp Writer/Film Producer

Xylia Buros  Writer/PR Consultant

Rachel Thomas Writer

Colin Thomas  Motion Graphics/Interiors

Gwen Lemos Interiors/Stylist

Angelique Grandone Producer/Arts Manager

Jamie Hayes Fashion Designer: Production Mode

Gerry Quinton Fashion Designer: Morua Designs

Charles Vinz Architect: Adaptive Operations

Jen Brandel CEO Hearken/Founder Curious City

Mara Zapeda  CEO Switchboard

Aaron Wickendon Film Editor

Oriana Walker Harvard History of Medicine

Elaine Miller Photographer

Jessica Fujan Environmental Lobbyist

Heather Mingo Producer

Leah Fithian Creative Director: Driftless

Jason Lukas Photographer/ Artist/ Builder






collaborations + workaway

The hotel aims to foster community, so we will always have a few spaces available for work exchange and residencies. It is important that this space is constantly growing and developing and that anyone can come experience this beautiful island. Ongoing projects include vegetable gardens, chicken coops, forest harvest and canning, decorating, painting and maintenance. Endless possibilities for creative projects and performance, just let us know what you do! 

Our goal is to have the hotel be a self-sustaining and a generous entity. A place where people can come to work, rest, teach and collaborate. To have Svala built by the collective spirit and generosity that it aims to foster. Come to Kumlinge, spend a few hours a day working on the hotel or in the gardens, share meals, find time for personal work, exploration or design.  

Please contact us for details to apply for residencies and work exchange.