Kumlinge is an island of quiet forests, untrafficked walking trails and the atmosphere of a simpler time. We encourage idle hours, excursions to neighboring islands, biking to the store for licorice ice cream, or rowing to a skerry with a picnic and no plan. Come experience the unbelievable northern light and spend your time wandering, climbing rocks, collecting lichen and jumping into sea. The intent is that rare wonderful feeling that one doesn't have anywhere else to be, except for spending time with friends waiting for a moose to cross the field.   MAP OF KUMLINGE


exploring the islands


Close by the hotel there is a swimming beach, a jump tower, harbor and walking paths. Kumlinge has a small airport. boat and kayak rentals, fishing tours and horse back riding available to book. If you are interested in additional excursions and activities please get in touch. 


  • BY FOOT — Beautiful marked hiking trails wind through lush green glades and across colorful lichen-colored rocks and moss.

  • BY SEA — Kayaks and rowboats are available to rent to explore the skerries and outer islands.

  • BY BICYCLE — A flat and varied landscape makes a dynamic and beautiful bike tour. One can easily get to another island by ferry for day trips by bike. We provide bicycles free-of-charge for use locally. For longer tours Mariehamn has bicycle rentals.

  • BY CAR — To really get around and see neighboring islands we recommend a car. This way one can easily explore Brändö, Lappo, further to mainland Åland and southern Finland.



available on kumlinge


Kumlinge Andelshandel

We have a small store with a little bit of everything, you can buy food or other necessities, the store also has a little cafe. On neighboring Seglinge or Enklinge connected by cable ferry have small stores as well. 


We have a lovely historic pharmacy, worth a trip to say hello to Nina and see the museum like interior.

Local produce

There are many people here selling smoked fish, vegetables, grains and meat. For example our friends Airi and Uffe raise local lamb and have a small bakery, she is happy to open to sell lamb sausage and home baked bread. In the summer there are small weekly markets. We will put you in touch or direct you to local vendors. 


During the summer June- August we have two restaurants available on the island, Kastören is in the guest harbor with a dining room as well as a kiosk in the harbor for small fare and some necessities. Glada Laxen is a lovely restaurant one island over, when you book you get picked up in a boat and returned to Kumlinge after dinner. On Bärö there is also an old watch tower to climb and he offers a wood fired sauna as well.

Other amenities...

We also have tennis courts, a post office and a bank (but no atm), homeopathy/massage, a veterinarian and a local nurse on duty.