Hotel Svala is located on the island of Kumlinge in the Åland Islands, an archipelago of 6,500 islands in the heart of Scandinavia midway between Stockholm and Helsinki. The town of Mariehamn on mainland Åland (the largest island) has the airport (MHQ) and is where the major ships dock.

The journey to the hotel is an exploration of the thousands of islands and the unique culture of the archipelago. You can arrive and depart Hotel Svala through a variety of routes that combine ferry, car and plane. Don’t be intimidated by the multi-part journey! Our guests say the picturesque path to Hotel Svala is an extraordinary experience. 

We have a Villa on mainland Åland available for booking if you want to spend a day along the way. We are happy to help arrange travel for you. Just reach out


Getting here is Half the Fun!


For local travelers, refer to Visit Ålands page on travel or how to get around  for directions and ferry schedules. 

For international travelers, we recommend flying into Stockholm or Turku. From Stockholm you should plan to spend an overnight somewhere (Stockholm, the ferry, or Mariehamn). From Turku you will need a car.

You can get around the islands by bicycle or car. Below are our recommendations for the simplest and most enjoyable ways to get here. 


For international travelers flying into Arlanda you will take an airport bus to City Terminalen. From City Terminalen you can pick up a ticket at the Viking Line office and take a bus to the ferry. In the summer you should prebook your cabin or car. We recommend the Viking Cinderella overnight cruise that departs at 5:30pm and arrives at 7:30am. The cruises are a cultural novelty and worth the trip. You can see Sweden’s and Åland’s archipelagos along the way as well as enjoy the spa, a smörgåsbord and entertainment onboard. We recommend this for international travelers who have just arrived so you can have an affordable room and sleep along the way. 

The shorter route requires a 1.5 hr bus ride from City Terminalen to Kapellskär outside Norrtälje and the boat takes about 2 hrs. This is the locals mode of getting to Stockholm and back. 

If you want to explore other options from Stockholm there are several other cruise lines, these boats take about 6 hrs but are larger luxury cruise ships with bars, restaurants and cabins.



Fast route 4 hrs
from Stockholm to Mariehamn
via Kapellskär

Overnight 10 hrs
from Stockholm to Mariehamn 

Once you arrive in Mariehamn you take a bus or a car from Mariehamn to a small ferry. Takes about 2.5 hrs between the drive and ferry through the islands. 

To take the bus: You will have to walk or cab to town center where you can catch a bus to the Hummelvik or Långnas ferry. These times change for buses and ferries, so either get in touch with us for details or go to Ålandstrafiken website

To drive: You can rent a car in Mariehamn or also take a cab the whole way, cost is approximately €90 for the one hour drive to Hummelvik. The drive is beautiful, you pass the historic castle and ruins of a fortress. You drive onto the ferry and have lunch in a small cafe, while passing through the islands. Map 

If you are on foot let us know we will pick you up in the harbor or arrange a cab to bring you to the hotel.

Especially in the summer it’s important to make your reservations for a car on the ferry well in advance. Book your voyage with the archipelago ferries by calling Ålandstrafiken ph. +358 18 525 100 or via their online booking


to the hotel on


2.5 hr
car/bus + ferry 


Flying into Turku you would need to rent a car. You will take small roads through Finnish farm land can stop at the Peonien Koti (House of Peonies), a local kirppis (junk store) or a sweet country store for fresh peas along the way. This journey takes you to a cable ferry, then a drive to Osnäs where you have a 30 minute trip on our favorite ferry decorated with tulip chairs and pale blue booths and good food. From there you drive over one of the most beautiful roads, a series of islands strung together with a view skerries, swans and sea. Hop on one more ferry at Torsholma for an hour and you are here! Osnäs-Åva schedule Torsholma-Kumlinge schedule

Especially in the summer it’s important to make your reservations for a car on the ferry well in advance. Book your voyage with the archipelago ferries by calling Ålandstrafiken ph. +358 18 525 100 or via their online booking.



to kumlinge

3.5 hr
car (with small roads) + ferries 


Flying to Åland is a quick and convenient way to go, however the flights are intermittent. It takes about an hour both from Stockholm/Arlanda (Sweden NextJet) and from Turku or Helsinki/Vanda (Finland Finnair). Once you are in Åland, the airport is just five minutes by car from central Mariehamn. From there you are about 2.5 hours of beautiful island hopping via road and sea to the Hotel. 

For groups one can also charter seaplanes for a direct flight from Stockholm or Turku to the Hotel in 45 minutes. Planes have a capacity of 4 or 9 people and price is per trip and at capacity is approximately $350 per person. Let us know if you are interested in a private plane we will send you details. 



1 hr
from Stockholm or Turku (Finland)

1 hr
from Helsinki (Finland)

see above for directions to continue
from Mariehamn to Kumlinge


Alternate Routes from Finland



see above for directions to continue
from Mariehamn to Kumlinge


From Finland you can travel on the cruise ship ferries from Turku, Naantali and Helsinki with Silja and Viking. If you are traveling from Estonia you would opt for Tallink Silja from Tallinn. 

The cruise from Helsinki to Åland is not recommended unless you plan to stay in Mariehamn for a day because it arrives at 4:30 am. 

If you are coming from Helsinki and want to spend a day on Åland we highly recommend staying in our Villa or our friends Hasse and Jackie's beautiful B&B Björnhofvda Gård

stay on åland

 airbnb villa



See instagrams of the journey to the hotel.  #thewaytohotel

See instagrams of the journey to the hotel. #thewaytohotel